About Us

What do we do?

We focus on bus transport, bus capacity utilization and searching for most suitable bus according to client requirements. Our goal is to create a platform that greatly simplifies the system deals with transportation. We provide high quality and user-friendly services and bring the authorities to (travel agents, commercial, or educational institutions) greater convenience in getting traffic and on the other hand, the more orders to carriers.

For these reasons, we provide our clients with telephone assistance allocated to the operator so that we can be sure that we can provide our services to the highest possible quality.

How it works?

Submitter inserted into the demand for bus transport, which enters the planned route with the requirements of the parameters of the bus. Our operators are following the demand process and let it show most cost carriers that satisfy the given parameters. They then suggest a price they are willing to provide their services.

This process has the authority to obtain fast and efficient bus, which suits his requirements. With a highly competitive system will also get a bargain price. On the other hand, carriers due to the high number of inquiries can maximize use of their buses, and thus the earnings themselves.

Benefits to sponsors

  • Offer a large number of carriers
  • Selection of best offer
  • Providing transportation to the last minute
  • Saving money
  • Quickly and without worries

Advantages for carriers

  • A large number of requests for transportation
  • Maximum use of bus
  • Access to the highly lucrative contracts
  • Administrative reinsurance contracts
  • In case of failure to help secure another bus